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Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving | Wire Racks Storage | Chrome Stainless Steel Zinc

Designed for air circulation and cleanliness!

Wire Shelving and Wire Racks Storage

Wire shelving and wire racks come in several finishes including chrome, zinc, and stainless steel. Chrome wire shelving and stainless steel wire racks are excellent for industrial applications, clean rooms, hospitals and medical applications, food services, and computer rooms.

Advantages of Wire Shelving and Wire Racks

Wire shelving and wire racks have some advantages over traditional solid steel shelves including:

  • wire shelving units do not collect dust like standard flat steel shelving
  • wire shelving and racks promote air circulation which helps reduce moisture and heat
  • wire shelving allows light to pass through shelves providing better visibility
  • wire shelving increases the effectiveness of a fire suppression systems in the event of a fire

Wire shelving racks can be easily reconfigured or relocated. Wire shelving may be used either as stand alone shelving or mobilized for maximum space efficiency (including space saving wire racks on tracks). We offer several types of wire shelving and racks including:

  • Stainless Steel Wire Shelving and Wire Racks
  • Chrome Wire Shelving and Wire Racks
  • Zinc Plated Wire Shelving and Wire Racks