Welded wire mesh factory in china


Welded wire mesh


Welded Wire Mesh Material

  • stainless steel wire
  • low carbon steel wire
  • galvanized steel wire

Welded Wire Mesh Style

  • Stainless steel wire welded wire mesh
  • Electro or hot dipped galvanized after or before welding
  • PVC coated galvanized welded wire mesh
  • Black wire/ no coated welded wire mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Features

  • Made of high quality steel wire.
  • Various configurations and sizes.
  • Used for the loose strata to avoid falling rocks.
  • Suitable for shotcrete applications
  • Range of sizes to suit roadway width and bolting patterns.
  • Easy installation
  • Available in black or hot dip galvanized

Welded Wire Mesh Application

  • Welded wire mesh is used in industry and agriculture building
  • Transportation and mining for all such purposes as poultry houses
  • Egg baskets
  • Runway enclosures
  • Draining rack
  • Fruit drying screen
  • Fence

Specification of Welded Wire Mesh

Roll Width: 24inch, 36inch, 1Metre, 48inch, 72inch, or 84inch

Roll Length: 100feet or 150feet

Note: other roll width or roll length can be made according to request.

Mesh Size Wire Gauge Diameter
In MM In Inch BWG No. MM
6.4mm 1/4Inch BWG24-22 0.56mm- 0.71mm
9.5mm 3/8Inch BWG23-19 0.64mm – 1.07mm
12.7mm 1/2Inch BWG22-16 0.71mm – 1.65mm
15.9mm 5/8Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm – 1.65mm
19.1mm 3/4Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm – 1.65mm
25.4x 12.7mm 1 x 1/2Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm – 1.65mm
25.4mm 1Inch BWG21-14 0.81mm – 2.11mm
38.1mm 1 1/2Inch BWG19-14 1.07mm – 2.11mm
25.4mm x 50.8mm 1 x 2Inch BWG17-14 1.47mm – 2.11mm
50.8mm 2Inch BWG16-12 1.65mm – 2.77mm
50.8mm to 305mm 2 to 12Inch At Request