Welded Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking for Selective Pallet Racking Small Items Storage


Welded Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking for Selective Pallet Racking Small Items Storage


Product Description


Strong welded wire mesh, with three welded support bars per sheet. Wire mesh decking are excellent for storing individual components, cartons or irregular loads. They are fire retardant and are ideally suited for overhead sprinkler systems. Mesh Decking/Shelving sits on the pallet racking beams and acts as a shelf. This offers an alternative to timber decking and solid steel panel solutions.


Mesh Shelving is ideal for use in ambient warehousing as well as chill stores and freezers as it allows the even distribution of air and thus temperature.



1. Material is steel Q235, high-quality steel from Shanghai Bao Steel Group Co. Ltd., the largest steel manufacturer in China.
2. Max. load capacity: can be up to 1000kg UDL.
3. Galvanization or powder coating, antirust and corrosion resistant.


4. Used together with the pallet rack or long span shelving.


5. Can be put on the box beam, step beam or even Z beam.


6. Package way: wrapping film, wooden pallet or according to your requirements.
7. Warranty non-artificial damage (not including the force majeure) 3 years.


1. Standard size: 42″ x 46″,46″ x 48″, 32″ x 46″
2. Customized sizes accepted: Yes
3. Wire diameter: 3/20 “, 1/5 “, 6/25 “
4. Mesh pitch: 1 “×1″, 1″×4″, 2″×2″, 2″×4”


1. Low MQQ: Meeting actual small requests.
2. OEM Acceptable: We can produce according to your design.
3. Good quality: We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market.
4. Fast delivery: Scientific production arrangement to ensure the fast delivery as short as 12 days.