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Hexagonal wire mesh

Best price!Galvanized Hexagonal wire netting / Hexagonal wire mesh / Chicken wire mesh

hexagonal wire meshis also called chicken wire mesh, poultry wire netting ,rabbit wire netting. It is common used to fence chicken, poultry, rabbit and other animals.

The hexagonal wire mesh is made of black iron wire, galvanized iron wire, brass wire or stainless steel wire with hexagonal gaps, available in3/8 inch to 4inch ( 10mm to 100mm),wire gauge from BWG14 to BWG27 (2.1mm to 0.4mm)

The hexagonal wire mesh also can be used as stucco or plaster mesh in construction, isolation blanket industry, fish trap, tree guard ,gabions and garden decoration.

Our Services

1. After placing orders will be timely feedback to track the progress of related wire mesh production, shipment, delivery and other production conditions.

2. The third-party inspection always gets real and true data from us and we will send hot hexagonal wire mesh photos to client if there is no inspection from the third-party.

3. In accordance with the stipulated time of shipment delivery, guaranteed wire mesh delivery time and supply capacity.

4. Encounter any quality problems can always contact us, we will promptly communicate timely replacement of the goods .

5. Installation, maintenance and repair instructions with full information.

6. 3-10 years warranty depends on different products and using environment.