High Quality Garden Double Wire Fence


High Quality Garden Double Wire Fence

1. Panel:


The double wire panel system is a flat panel, constructed from twin wire 6mm/8 mm diameter horizontal wires either side of a 4mm/5 mm/6mm diameter vertical wire creating a strong rigid fence when fitted to a RHS/SHS post.


The panels up to 2000mm, 2500 mm,3000mm wide and with heights ranging from 630 mm to 2500 mm.


2. Mesh size:

50×100 mm, 50×200 mm, 55x200mm,100×200 mm ,etc.


3. Standard fence specification:


Mesh size WIRE THICKNESS Coating Panel
Panel Height Post
50×100 mm




1xø5 mm/1x6mm Vertical wire

& 2xø6 mm Horizontal wire


1xø5 mm/1x6mm Vertical wire

& 2xø8 mm Horizontal wire

Galvanized and Electrostatic
Polyester Coated
2.50 m 0.63 m 1.10m
0.83 m 1.30m
1.03 m 1.50m
1.23 m 1.70m
1.43 m 1.90m
1.63 m 2.10m
1.83 m 2.40m
2.03 m 2.60m
2.23 m 2.80m
2.43 m 3.00m


4. Fence post:

1) SHS post: 50x50mm,60x60mm,80x80mm,100x100mm.

2) RHS post: 60x40mm,80x40mm,

3) Peach post:50x70mm,60x90mm,70x100mm


5. Fence finish

Hot dipped galvanized
Galvanized and polyester powder spraying coated

Standard colours: RAL 6005 green, 9005 black,5010 blue, 3000 red, 9010 white
Other colours: All other RAL colours available.


6. Fence application:

Schools ,Hospitals ,General Industrial

General Commercial ,Prestige ,Utilities ,Housing .


7. Fence packing:


1) pallet


2) bulk in container.