Good Quality Fiberglass insect screen for doors and windows


Good Quality Fiberglass insect screen for doors and windows



Mesh/inch Weight/m2 (grams/m2) Roll size Colour



115g, 120g, 130g, 150g

Roll Width (m)

Black, White



Blue, Green


Grey, Coffee


Roll Length (m)

Charcoal, etc



18×16 fiberglass insect screen – is used primarily for aluminum window screen and aluminum screen doors. It uses .11″ diameter threads with 18 threads per inch vertically and 16threads per inch horizontally. Openness 59%, light transmission 69%. We use a pvc coated fiberglass, charcoal in colour this allows for the best vision through your window, coloured mesh obstructs the view.

18×14 fiberglass insect screen – is a stronger mesh using a .13″thread in an 18×14 weave, 45% opennes, and is recommended for larger openings such as porches, pools and patios or where added strength is desirable.

20×20 fiberglass insect screen – is a tiny mesh that offers the ultimate in insect protection and recommended for “No-See-Ems” and other very tiny bugs.


2.feature & Characteristic Of Window Screen

1) Effective insect barrier.

2) Easily fixed and removed, sun-shade, uv proof.

3) Easy Clean ,No smell , good for health.

4) the mesh is uniform, no bright lines in the whole roll.

5) Touch soft , no crease after folding.

6) Fire resistant, good tensile strength,long life.