Decoration Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Woven Knit Mesh Galvanized Colour Weave Screen


Luxury decoration metal woven knit MESH/style designs a variety mult-options Galvanized colour weave screen


package in roll by wood pallet

decoration mesh is made from stainless steel wire or carbon steel coated wire also. can be used in construction building inner separete function.
(1)plain weave mesh / Dutch weave
wire Thichness:0.2mm-3mm
Length:10m-20m, width: 1.5m-2.5m
Hole Diameter:0.2mm-5.0mm
(2) original colour and coated colour Rise-shrink and fixed styles
Rise-shrink and fixed styles
assembly easy handle, assy connection parts included

(A) Decorative mesh curtain Diameter and wall thickness:(customized can be accepted)

wire Diameter


Thickness (FWD No) DE1 DE2 DE3 DE4 DE5 DE6 DE7
inch 0.024 0.030 0.036 0.042 0.048 0.060 0.075
mm 0.61 0.76 0.91 1.06 1.21 1.52 1.90





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